This Gorgeous Log Cabin Shows Than Scandinavian People Definitely Have Some Serious Style!

Affordable, sustainable and beautiful, there is so much to love about log cabins. You’ll be so inspired by these lovely small log cabins from Alpine Pods, a company based in France. These log cabin designs are created using Scandinavian log cabin building techniques. Scandinavian people have built log homes for centuries. The logs of these log cabins are kept nice and thick which is only to the benefit of the log cabin itself. Not only does this method created strong and durable log houses, but it also creates a log house that is very well insulated and therefore very energy efficient. It’s very important to have a properly insulated building whether you’re using it part-time as a cabin or full-time as a home. You want your home to retain heat well in the winter and cool easily in the summer so that you’re not paying high electric bills. Most of the wood used for these log cabins come from Scandinavia which has some of the most amazing forests. Much of the forest used for log home building materials is set up for long-term sustainability meaning that these forests will be replanted again and again to continue to provide building materials for homes and other projects.

Alpine Pod only chooses wood that has come from certified forests too which is great. They only use premium wood, and this also extends to other aspects of the build like the windows, floors, doors and roof. All of the small log cabins built by the company are created by experienced craftsmen using the Scandinavian Full Scribe method making for a traditional style cabin with a modern appeal. They have a single storey or two-storey home as well as vacation or backyard cabins so customers can choose the type of building that will suit their needs best. Their homes and cabins will stand for years when they are taken care of properly, and log cabins and homes are known for their longevity too.

There are actually log houses that are 600 to 700 years old that are still standing in Lithuania, Scandinavian as well as Siberia. Not only is that impressive, but it’s also very reassuring that you know your log structure will last a lifetime and even longer.

Since wood is a natural material, it’s also healthier and more eco-friendly than other building materials like brick. Living in a log home is much like spending time in a forest, where most people will instantly feel a sense of relaxation and calm. Plus, logs don’t have all of the dust that you would get with a brick home and the logs even help to remove toxins from the air within the home and tend to be better for those with allergies and sensitivities. Log houses and cabins also help to keep the humidity levels balanced inside too. So when the humidity level rises, the logs will absorb the excess humidity. Then, if it’s too dry in the home, the wood will then put some of the absorbed moisture back into the space. That’s why natural homes are always better for many reasons and why a log home or cabin is a great investment. When you’re choosing a log cabin design, it’s important to sort out what you need in your cabin to be comfortable, but you’ll also want to set a budget to work within too. Have a peek at some of the great log cabin designs from Alpine Pods and see what you think. Even if you don’t live over in Europe, you can get inspired by some of their designs and design a cabin similar to their floor plans.

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