Here Are 7 Things Only A Man In Love Desires In Bed

Love makes a man doing crazy stuff. The stuff a man does when he is in love may seem idiotic to other people but the person who is in love or has ever fallen in love will understand that situation. If you find your heart pounding, you have lost your appetite and even a turmoil in your tummy when you are in love. When a man is in love he would love to do all the things with you which his heart desires. Here are 7 things given which only a man will do who loves you. If you are lucky enough to find such man, never think twice and marry him:

7. Smooch After Smooch:

It is a well-known fact that your lips are hundred times more sensitive than your fingertips. A passionate kiss to your loved ones burns 6.4 calories in a minute. If a man really loves you he will keep on kissing you without keeping in consideration of the place you both are.

Many men like to show off the love of their life in front of people. They even show it to the world by kissing their women continuously. A lot of times such man seem so uncontrollable of themselves that they can not stop them from kissing the women they love. If your man does the same, marry him instantly.

6. Slap It, Squeeze It, Shake It, Kiss It:

Violence calls for dialing a call to the police. But violence is far closer to love. If a man loves you truly he will love you as a whole. He will love you no matter what. He will love your body as well. If a man really loves you he will not hesitate before smacking that tushie of yours.

He will grab it, squeeze it and whenever he will get a chance he will kiss it. This is an amazing way of showing that he not only loves you but loves your body as well.

5. The Chest:

If a man loves you and you love him back then he is your man and you are his women. When a man truly loves you he will feel comfortable around you. He would love to put his head on your chest which will give him the feeling that he is closer to your heart. That thing will make him feel safer and a will give him a homely feeling.

If your man does that to you, you should be sure that he has complete faith in you. He is trying to forget all the worries of his life by lying his head on your breasts.

4. The “Bada Bing Bada Boom In The Bedroom:

Love is a great thing if a couple loves each other completely. And if a man loves you truly, he will show that to you in the bedroom. If a man loves you, he will show that to you so no need to worry. Instead, you should be ready to have the best nights of your life.

If you will get turned on, he will also get turned on and will reciprocate back more passionately. If the man you are in love is able to satisfy you in your bed, keep him close to you and marry him.

3. The Love Fantasies:

It is a well-known fact that communication is the key to any relationship to stay longer. If your man loves you he will have complete trust in you. He will trust you with his darkest fantasies.

You may like some of those fantasies too. If your man opens up to you with hesitating for even a second he loves you completely. And you should also not take time and marry him.

2. He Stays Behind After Love:

One night stands can never represent true love. This is generally seen that a man after Love gets up and goes his way. He will sleep in his direction without any communication. But if a man loves you truly he will stay close to you or before sleeping he will pull you closer.

He will embrace you. These are the signs of a man having head over heels on you. If you find such a man, do not waste your time and go, marry him right away.

1. Real Manners:

If a man you are with let you finish before him then there is no doubt that he loves you. You should never let go of him. If a man is kind, selfless and he wants to take care of your important needs. If a man takes care of you then never let go of him. If a man loves you he will give you respect no matter what.

Manners are extremely important part of any relationship. So, if a man keeps you on his top priority list never let go of him.