Dolly Was About To Get On The Plane, But Then She Had An Incredible Vision From God

Dolly Parton has lived a long and fruitful life. Not only has she accomplished so much, but she has given back–helping small communities in Tennessee, as well as thousands of families recover after terrible wildfires ravaged their homes. But she almost never had the chance.
Dolly recently revealed that if it were not for a last second vision from heaven, she likely would have died.
The country legend told a friend about the time she was about to board a plane to Salt Lake City, Utah, when suddenly, she had a vision from heaven.
“Suddenly, I saw my grandma’s ghost standing in the corner,” Parton explained to the friend. “She kept saying, ‘Don’t catch the plane… Don’t catch the plane.’”
Parton immediately stepped out of line and changed her ticket. She later learned the flight had crashed — killing all on board.
“I know there is life after death because I speak to my grandmothers,” said Parton, adding she’s not afraid of meeting God, and going to heaven.
“I hope I die in the middle of a song — hopefully one I wrote!”
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