She Always Said Hello To This Homeless Man Until One Day He Handed Her A Piece Of Paper..

Ramundo Arruda Sobrinho is one of the most gifted people as far as writing/ poetry is concerned. The old man is homeless but he has spent the last thirty five years of his life writting poems and short stories. However none of his works was known to humankind until one day he handed over one of his works to a kind lady named Shallah who had become his friend.

That was in the year 2011. After reading his poem,she was so touched and excited that she went out of her way to create a Facebook page to share Ramundo’s little masterpieces, what they did not know was that this would be all it would take to change his whole life around! Soon after his page became popular he was located with his brothers where he currently lives.

The following clip is a documentary named the conditioner,as it highited most of his struggles and everything else in between. Be ready to be thoroughly iinspired!!