Top Countries Where People Have the Most Intense Orgasms, According To A Survey

Swedish intimate lifestyle company LELO recently conducted a survey to find out which countries have the most frequent, most intense, and loudest orgasms. Over 2,200 respondents from 21 nations were surveyed.

Can you guess which country has the best and most orgasms? If you’re curious about the results, continue reading below.

Norway has the most frequent orgasms.

According to the survey results, Norway has 35 percent of its participants saying they reach climax at least once a day.

On the other hand, Germans have the lowest orgasm rate with 2.54 percent saying they never had one.

Meanwhile, three countries are tied for having the most intense orgasms.

Chile, Italy, and Spain have the most extreme orgasms with 10 to 13 percent of their respondents rating their climaxing power within the highest percentile.

On the other end of the spectrum, two percent of Australians graded their orgasmic intensity at a mere 1 out of 10.

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