How Your Finger Shape Determines Your Personality

Based on the shape of your finger, we’ll give you an analysis for what kind of a person you are.

Take a look at your fingers or one of them and define which one of these three shapes match your fingers mostly and then take a look at the answers.

We believe that this analysis will guess what kind of a person you are:

Finger type A:

You have the tendency to hide your feelings and you’re often melancholic. You often pretend to be stronger and more independent than you are.
You’re a pretty emotional person.
You’re a fair person. You hate lies, hypocrisy, and deceit.
You’re pretending to be strong and cool. You don’t show a lot of emotions.
You’re a little bit eccentric and arrogant. You can’t tolerate many things.
You’ve got a big heart and you love to help. You’ll end any task, even if you don’t like it.
You like to laugh, so you even laugh when you don’t find situations that much funny.
You’re cold towards people who’re not close to you, but you’re very emotional towards your dearest people.
Finger type B:

When you take over some work, you’ll try to perform it until the end.
You’re afraid of injuries. You pretend that you’re well when you’re alone, but actually – you’re not.
You’ll stay calm even when you feel uncomfortable because of someone’s behavior.
You look like a strong and independent person who always speaks pretty sharply although you’ve got a very soft heart and you’re easy to hurt.
You like to dream. You always imagine of someone who’ll understand you, love you and offer you everything you want.
Finger type C:

You’re not grudge-bearer, you’ll just let go of the things that make you mad.
You’re very sensitive. You don’t like challenges. You don’t like to do something that’s unfamiliar to you.
You respect the opinion of other people.
You’re sometimes unbearable. Your ego is extremely high, but when you fight with someone, you always apologize first.
You keep your own feelings and problems to yourself.
You want people to believe you, but also to depend on you.
You’ve got a soft heart which can be easily hurt. That’s why when someone apologizes to you, you’ll forgive him/her because you can’t stand having some disagreements with people.