It Looks Like Just A Black Hole, But There’s An Entire Village Living Within

Considering how large and diverse our beautiful world is, it’s no surprise that we humans have invented so many unique and fascinating ways to live.
While animals are content to stick with what works, we homo sapiens are always dreaming up new forms of shelter. Whether it be teeny tiny houses, elaborate mansions, or floating abodes, it’s clear humans are no longer happy with just four walls and a roof.
And since I spend a lot of time looking at weird houses and fascinating lifestyles, I thought I’d seen it all — but then I came across Coober Pedy in South Australia, and now I finally feel like I’ve seen everything.
Originally established as an opal mining town, Coober Pedy is now home to nearly 2,000 people. But judging by the spotless landscape, you’d never be able to guess…After watching the amazing video at the end, please SHARE if you’d never heard of this strange town either! To help with slow website load, we have put all photos for this article here: