This Entry Is Crazy, But Wait Until You See The Rest Of It. Your Jaw Will Drop

Welcome to the Sammamish River in Washington. Here you’ll be sure to find plenty of access to the water, tons of luxuriant foliage, and one very large, very bizarre house on the riverfront.
How bizarre is this house, exactly? For starters, take a look at the front door.
You probably won’t find anything like this anywhere else. The bright teal of the door, the wood-shingled exterior and the angular walls combine to make an incredible statement. In an abstract kind of way, doesn’t this resemble the hobbit-hole that belonged to Bilbo Baggins? I mean, take a peek at those round windows in the mudroom off the entrance.
But the weirdness is just beginning. Step inside the door and behold this curving stairway, replete with a brass pole. The pole is present just in case you get lazy of using the stairs and decide you’d rather shimmy down fireman-style. If you have kids, this will definitely be a huge selling point. Take a look Inside